Tibet has a variety of different types of cuisine and a fairly extensive list of ingredients that go into its preparation. Fruits and vegetables are difficult to grow in this region so Tibetans must rely on other food staples for their diet. This may be one of the reasons why soups are such a popular dish in Tibet.

Sourcing Information About Tibetan Cuisine

For those who want to visit Tibet, then they will want to know as much about the different types of cuisine that will be available here. There are many trusted sites online that can provide this type of information. Speaking to Tibetans themselves is the best resource when it comes to learning about Tibetan cuisine.


A popular soup that one will find readily available throughout Tibet is De-Thuk. This is soup where the main ingredients are soup stock made from yak or sheep. Rice is added to this along with a variety of different types of cheeses. Then for extra flavor and body droma is another ingredient. Droma is a root that grows abundantly throughout the Tibet grasslands.


The Tibetans often use noodles in many of their dishes. This is because they can easily grow barley, which can be milled into the flour needed to make the noodles. Guthuk is a flavor-filled soup but only is consumed two days before the Tibetan New Years as it is seen as the soup that will make sure that those who consume will move into the New Years safely.


This is more of a stew rather than a soup. Its main ingredient is mutton chops which are boiled then added to this is chilies for some spice along with shredded wheat to give it substance and dry curd cheese for thickening along with some salt.


This is sort of a catch-all soup that is a name given to any of the soups that have noodles added to it. The most common noodles used are Bhasta noodles. This is considered to be a winter dish but is considered to be one of importance for the Tibetan New Years. At this time this soup is transformed into Guthuk.


Soup stock is made from yak or sheep, and roasted barley flour is added to the mixture along with some Tibetan cheeses.

Soup is an important meal for Tibetans, and on the average, it is eaten at least once a day. For this reason, there is a great variety of them. Although there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ingredients that go into making each one of them, lots of the ingredients that are used is added to the dish. Making many of the soups rich and hardy.