When checking out Tibetan food fare, it doesn’t take long to discover that it has a good selection of bread and fried dough foods.

Mimicking Tibetan Breads

It is not unusual for many visitors to Tibet to be most impressed with the bread and fried dough foods which make up part of their cuisine. Some, when they return home, have the desire to make these very same dishes. If this sounds like you, this may mean investing in kitchen equipment with the money you saved from your free spins that you want to put to good use. It is not uncommon for visitors to Tibet to entertain themselves with some online entertainment, that they have access to with their mobile devices.


A favorite bread in Tibet is Balep, which is a bannock-style quick bread. Bannock is a flatbread made from grain. It is round shaped and when served, is cut into sections. In Tibet, quick bread is one which is made with any type of leavening agent aside from yeast or eggs. Tibetans prefer this bread as it is less time consuming and can be made quickly.


Another form of bread which is a favorite of Tibetans. It is a rather simple bread that is steamed and looks similar to a bun. It contains no filling, but if it did, then it would be called a Momo. The cooking of the bread is done by steaming it.

Dough Foods

Foods made from dough make up a good part of the food fare in Tibet. This is because they can successfully grow grains such as barley, whereas it is difficult to grow fruits and vegetables. Many different dishes are made from dough.

  • Chetang Goiche: Here, thin strips of dough are fried in rapeseed oil. Then, when taken out of the oil, brown sugar is sprinkled on them. One would almost consider this to be a dessert because of its sweetness, but it is often served as part of the main meal.
  • Papza Mogu: Another dough based dish, where the dough is made into small balls which include additions of brown sugar, dry curd cheese, and melted butter. The taste of this dish is a mix of sweet and sour.
  • Samkham Papieg: This time the dough is fried in butter which has been made from yak’s milk, or an alternative to this, is rapeseed oil.
  • Sokham Bexe: A dough dish with a little more substance to it, as once again the dough is fried in butter, but minced meat is added to it.

There are a lot of dough dishes which may seem unhealthy to some. For Tibetans, they thrive on hearty meals such as this, due to their harsh winters. These are foods which give them the energy they need to sustain them.