With Tibet being known for its harsh environment and high altitude, it often creates an interest in many as to what makes up their standard cuisine. The area is well known for providing some very unique and tasty dishes. The Tibetans seem to fare well with their food staples.

This site is dedicated to Tibetan cuisine because of its uniqueness and variety even with limited choices of ingredients that are found in many of the other types of cuisine in other parts of the world. It is said that many Tibetans would prefer to be vegetarians, but this is not practical with the limited ability to be able to grow either fruit or veggies.

Throughout this site, there are many interesting posts with the focus on different categories of Tibetan foods, and some of the highlights are as follows.

Sweet Foods and Desserts

One might think that because Tibetans are short on their choices of fruit that they would be heavily into their desserts. This is not the case, and there are only a few desserts that Tibetans are well known for. Some are only consumed during special holidays. The post here concerning the sweet foods in Tibet will give some insight as to what the common ingredients are in these dishes.

Common Ingredients

It is hard to imagine for many what food can consist of when there is not an abundance of fruit and vegetables. Yet the Tibetans have managed to come up with a fairly extensive selection of cuisine. Much of it is considered high calorie but this is fitting for those who live here and have to deal with harsh weather conditions. Most will find the post here that has been compiled with the focus on common Tibetan food ingredients.

Holiday Dishes

Various holidays and events are very important to the Tibetans, and part of the celebrations will include specific foods that are reserved for these occasions. The most important event is the Tibet New Years. There is a post here that covers some of the very unique and intriguing dishes that are served for this holiday and the special meaning that they may have.

Tibetan Soups

For those that are doing any research into the Tibetan cuisine, they will soon discover that Tibetan soups are very popular. These are consumed by most Tibetans at least once a day. There aren’t a lot of different ingredients that will go into each soup, but what does go in there is lots of it. The post here outlines some of the more popular soups and what they are comprised of.

Breads and Fried Dough Foods

No site about Tibetan cuisine would be complete without mention of the bread and fried dough foods. Here the post outlines what the most common dishes are that are considered to be bread and fried dough.